A Saigonese’s thought about Tan Lap

The legendary walk through Tan Lan cajuput forest has attracted numbers of youngsters, especially Sai Gon and nearby provinces because, (1) you can reach there easily by bike, and (2) you can have tons of beautiful pictures for social media. Therefore, our team decided to make a trip there to confirm if it was truly good or it was just a legend. And… we have a lot of interesting experience to share with you.


Floating eco-village Tan Lap is located at Long An, around 100km away from HCMC. It takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to reach there by bike. There are hundreds of cajuput trees, a cool walk through the forest, storks, lake and cheap food (of course).

Getting around

Tan Lap belongs to the middle-distanced group, not too far enough to have a flight but not too close enough to get there within 1 – 2 hours. Moreover, there is no available public transportation to take you directly to the village. Even if you want to support Vietnam’s public transport system, the bus will drop you in the middle of nowhere and I have to warn you, at the under-developed towns, taxi is not popular. To sum up, if you don’t have a car, the only and the most convenient means to go there you have is a motorbike.

Finally, you decide to go to Tan Lap by motorbike. The first thing you should remember is “don’t believe totally in Google”. It guides you to the longer, more complicated roads. The easiest road to Tan Lap is just finding the road named National Road no. 62 and go straight until you see Tan Lap sign. It’s not a comfortable motorbike ride, I have to remind you again.

You can rest at a lot of coffee shops by two sides of the road. The price is not equivalent to the quality but people are usually friendly and can help you with their local information.


Tan Lap has their own restaurant and bungalows for you to rest. You can bring your own food or order food there.

You can also go outside and eat at restaurants near the village. They offer some unique hot pot of the Southwestern of Vietnam and of course, cheaper than food inside the village a lot. One of interesting food is grilled mouse meat and fish hot pot eating with flowers.

Mouse meat, fish hot pot and local flowers/veggies 

Note that trash bins are everywhere so please don’t throw trash into the water.

Another strong point of Tan Lap is that their WC is more than average. However, maybe due to lacking staff, sometimes there is no paper so you should prepare your own paper, just in case.


The road leading to the boat

Tan Lap has two main parts as follows:

Main service: ticket price is 55.000d per pax. You have to buy the ticket before getting on the boat. Ticket includes two ways go from and to the forest.   

Cajuput trees 

The forest has the legendary road in the middle. This road is around 5km, easy to walk and kind of boring. At first, you can feel overwhelmed by the landscape and the feeling of walking above the river and in the middle of super tall cajuput trees. However, after a while, you will feel less and less excited because they have only one scene for you to see.

Their coolest point: the small road leading you go through the forest 


You will see a small area they use for raising storks. There is no extra information about it.


There is a quite beautiful lake at the end of the forest. You can take some nice pictures there.


The last part is the 4 store watching tower. You can see a whole area, green all the way from the top.

And that’s it. The total amount you spend there, without staying for food and rest, won’t be more than 4 hours.

Extra service: small boat with price ticket is 30.000d per pax.

No, you will not the one who controls it. You just sit there inside the boat, under the hot sun (please prepare to bring the hat) and they will take you into small canals with the similar scene of cajuput trees.

Personal thinking, I hope Tan Lap has more information about those cajuput trees, storks, unique points of their forest and more activities for tourists. It’s not bad but boring as there is no extra activities there at the moment.

Have you ever been at Tan Lap? What do you think about it?


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