Da Lat is not a new tourist place, especially for young people and people from the South of Vietnam. However, as charming as it was tens of years ago when it lured Bao Dai, the last Emperor of Vietnam, it has never stopped making me and probably you surprised. You will never feel bored of Da Lat and here, our new series of posts will tell you why.

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The weather

The average temperature of Da Lat is just around 14 °C (57 °F) – 23 °C (73 °F). The recorded highest temperature was 31.5 °C (88.7 °F). However, because of the global climate change, nowadays, in Da Lat, plenty of sunshine may be expected in the morning and the temperature keeps rising till noon. After teatime it often gets chilly with breezes like in autumn and sometimes it is freezing at night as if winter just came. Da Lat may be so sunny and hot af in the morning, turn to be warm in the afternoon, cool in the evening and cold as hell at night. If you are lucky enough, you can enjoy 4 different weather types within one day. Interesting enough for you?

The most beautiful time to go to Da Lat, according to my experience, is not in the summer and best during the holiday season. If you are a fan of rain, feel free to go in summer. During summer days, make yourself ready to have light showers. However they seem to t drag like forever and may refrain you from exploring the mountains and gardens as they turn dirt into mud.

Because of Da Lat’s weather, my first suggestion for you is always bringing along your jacket, scarf, hat, raincoat and umbrella. Don’t forget sunscreen even if you don’t see the sun. Da Lat is in the highland so the sun is nearer to you than in the city and it can harm and make your skin become darker (in case you like fair skin as me).


One of the most awesome things at Da Lat is that you can stay at a lot of cool hostels and homestays with nice decoration, friendly services and of course for unexpected cheap price. From Bohemian, vintage, countryside to exotic style, I believe that you can find your most favorite room at Da Lat.

Let’s say goodbye to a normal hotel room that you can find everywhere and be prepared to be admired by your friends through your interesting Instagram/Facebook pictures.


Another reason that you can’t wait to go to Da Lat. Cool weather at Da Lat makes food here have a special flavor that you can’t find at anywhere. Topping grilled rice paper cake (bánh tráng nướng), ice cream avocado smoothies (kem bơ) or even simple soybean milk in Da Lat worth a  try. The price is just around 1- 2$. It’s not easy to find somewhere that beats Da Lat in terms of food price.

Go around

Going around Da Lat is not difficult. It has a lot of historic buildings, natural attractions and cool architecture. You can rent a motorbike and explore as much as you can right at your hotel or uncountable number of renting places all over this small town. Or you can go by taxi if you just visit the main town. It will not cost you too much as this town is quite small. Another way to go is that you “rent” a taxi with a fixed price for a whole day. The driver will take you to all famous places, guide you to good restaurant to eat (don’t worry about scam as it doesn’t happen much in Da Lat) and wait for you to take many pictures for your Instagram account for few next months.

In the evening, if there is no rain, you can rent a bike and enjoy the romantic atmosphere around the Dream Lake right at the centre of the town.

That’s it for our first post about Da Lat. There will be a lot more on the way! We love to see your suggestions and comments to improve our blog and turn it into your trustworthy Vietnam tourism blog. Until next time!



    1. You should try bún riêu too, it’s just a small restaurant in a small alley on Phan Dinh Phung street but they have the best bun rieu and super fresh veggies ❤ My must visit place all the time I've been in Dat Lat 😀

      1. Cool! Thanks for your recommendation! Does it open all day? It is real “rieu”? (You know many rieu now is made from tofu, lol). Fresh veggies is definitely game-changer in Da Lat!

      2. Hm I guess it opens all day or at least until noon. I went there around 10AM the last time I was in Da Lat and it still opened as usual. It’s near the alley next to Mimosa Hotel, just go up and turn right, you can see the small sign saying “Bun rieu”. I believe it’s a real “rieu” 😉

      3. Thanks! Not sure when I will back Dalat again but I saved this bun rieu gem to my Excel file 😉 Lemme know if you need to find spots in Hanoi 😀

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